Dandy II is an enlarged and simplified version of our own Dandy, which we have been sailing for nine years now. She has 46” double bunk in one hull and a comfortable dinette for four in the other. All told, she can sleep five, with two less desirable bunks under the aft decks.
Like all my multihulls, she has a six-wire fractional sloop rig, which is easier to handle and better upwind on these boats. An asymmetrical spinnaker makes downwind sailing a lot of fun too. Cruising New England in the summer, we seldom find a 40’ monohull that can keep up with us.
Catamarans are the most habitable boats. They never heel more than 5 degrees, and a good one pitches little and rolls not at all. The open bridgedeck is more comfort and use than any cabin you could put on it. Study plan $5, complete plans $300.
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