Length 16’ 4”, beam 5’ 2”, weight finished hull 200 lbs.
The Dobler 16 is the best all-around day boat I’ve ever come across. She performs well under sail, oars, or motor, and can comfortably accommodate seven or eight people at a time, though that won’t improve performance.
She was designed by Joseph C. Dobler, and I built two of them, one for myself and one for a customer. However, Joe died and left the plans partly revised and too disorganized. With permission from his heirs I have redrawn them.
Frames for the double-chine hull are set up on a strongback and some beveling of them must be done. The planking curves are laid out on plywood sheet, and the bow and chines are tape seamed. Plans are $50 for four blueprints and several pages of of building and supplier suggestions. Further info for SASE.
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