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This book is currently out of print please try Amazon
BOATS TO GO (first edition titled LOW-RESISTANCE BOATS, IM, softback, $21.95) Covers the designing and building of fiberglass, wood and plywood boats for paddle, sail and power, by “somebody who does all his own thinking,” says Phil Bolger. 24 boats are discussed, and complete plans are shown for seven of them.
This book is currently out of print please try Amazon
MULTIHULL VOYAGING (Sheridan House, hardback, $27.50)
Description and sailing techniques, in fair weather and foul, of cats, tris, and proas. “Charmingly written as well as illustrated, both amusing and intelligent, an excellent buy for the beginner or the enthusiast,” says Multihull International magazine.
NEW PLYWOOD BOATS, AND A FEW OTHERS (Sheridan House, softback, $19.95) A sequel to BOATS TO GO, covering 19 boats built or designed in the last 10 years, with plans for 6 of them. Most are plywood, by various techniques. Many new insights, and two special chapters, one about Phil Bolger and the other about details (tools, and making spars, cleats, and hardware).
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