Weekender is as small as a multihull can be, and still have accommodations and good performance. She trailers without folding. Her bridgedeck is a single 4’ X 8’ sheet of plywood, and her hulls are asymmetrical to give stability with some interior space.
In each hull is a bunk flat 2’ X 8’, with lifting panels for foot well and porta potti. Headroom above the flats is 2’ 9”, so you can sit down but not sit up. To enter, the whole cabin top hinges outboard.
In Missouri, Clif Wade built a Weekender and tried her out in nearly 30 knots of wind. He found it “fairly hair-raising,” but he just dropped the jib instead of reefing properly. Double reefed, she’ll stand more wind than that, but Weekender is not an off-shore vessel. Study plan $3, complete plans $130.
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